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Portugal has played an important role in world history and has many sites that have been named World Heritage sties by UNESCO. These sites are considered an inheritance from the past that exists today and will be passed on to the future. Inspiration and knowledge of the past is provided through these amazing sites. Information that would never have been known about how our ancestors lived or thought would not exist without the protection of these World Heritage sites. These sites are not replaceable and provide information to present and future generations about where we came from while creating a sense of wonder and enchantment regarding the way our ancestors lived, worked, and played.

Portugal has 12 UNESCO World Heritage sites, but there are many throughout the world including the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador, Latin America’s Baroque cathedras, and the Great Barrier Reef. UNESCO applies the concept of world heritage to the entire world and searches out locations that fit basic social and cultural criterion.

UNESCO is short for the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. Its goal is to protect and preserve national heritage, culture, and society, throughout the world while promoting education, understanding and peace.

Additionally, UNESCO strives to connect with countries to protect their national treasures that are considered World Heritage sites so that they may be passed down to future generations.

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